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Printing Services

Be able to print and take advantage of the benefits that CBS provides through the integrated printing system, obtain your Printing Card from COSMOS Office in Deree Library.
Once you obtain your card, please login at http://deree.cbs.gr in order to change your initial password.
You can recharge your card online by using credit card or Paypal.
If you have forgotten or lost your Initial Password, please contact us directly at the COSMOS Office or by email:deree@cbs.gr
Your personal data and transactions recorded in our system are secured.
For more information feel free to contacts us.

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Login Instructions

Go to your login page at http://deree.cbs.gr

  • For New Members: Create a new account to gain access

    Step 1: Click "Log In" on the top right hand corner.
    Step 2: Enter your CBS ID and your initial password.
    Step 3: Change the email address.
    Step 4: Create a new password and click “Save”.

  • For Registered Members: Login Steps

    Step 1: Click Log in on the top right hand corner.
    Step 2: Enter your username to sign in.
    Step 3: Enter your password to sign in.

  • Order procedure

Step 1: Select your printing jobs of 10€ or 20€ or 30€ or IT Hardware products and click “add” to add your order in your shopping card account.
Step 2: Go to "card" to have a look at your selected printing jobs or items.
Step 3: With "next" you go to "order summary". Here you get an overview of your order with all the details like shipping address and payment by credit card.